The Shanachie

The Shanachie is a quarterly publication of the Connecticut Irish-American Historical Society. The Shanachie, which means "storyteller" in Irish, contains articles about the history of Connecticut's Irish, genealogical ideas and tips, and notices of the Society's activities.

Volume 33 - Number 3

September 2021 - In this issue: Theater presents musical on career of ace softball pitcher; The railroad era and an Irish family; Lyons family immigrated to Connecticut by way of Quebec; Plumber with Leitrim roots linked to New Haven Fenians; Collection of Irish railroad wife's writings preserved at UConn ... [ more ]

Volume 33 - Number 2

March 2021 - In this issue: Pandemic squelches parades, but spirit of St. Patrick lives on; Hartford — First church bought in 1829, St. Patrick's built in 1849; Enfield - Irish priests, nuns and laypersons; Litchfield County - St. Patrick's, St. Bridget's, St. Columcille's; New London County - St. Patrick's Cathedral; Mystic - High Street became Irish Hill; Fairfield County - St. Augustine and St. Patrick team up; The little church on the Redding Ridge since 1880; Hartford County - Collinsville began with a snowstorm; Middlesex County - St. Patrick and St. Bridget of Kildare; Farmington - St. Patrick's parish prepares for a second century; Oldest St. Patrick's church in New England ... [ more ]

Volume 33 - Number 1

January 2021 - In this issue: Irish wolfhounds among New England’s earliest settlers; Please join us for yet another year of Irish history and culture; An Irish actor, his playwright son and a Connecticut landmark; Civil rights champion for Cape Cod Indians … [ more ]

Volume 32 - Number 4

December 2020 - In this issue: A tale of two Thanksgivings; Irish Christmas; Tales of Thanksgivings in Plymouth and in Bridgeport; Christmas on a farm in Ireland in the 1940s; Family of 13 immigrated at holiday time; Irish recipes from a Belfast grandmother; Irish Santa Claus spread cheer for 40 years; Memories of a Christmas spent in occupied Germany ... [ more ]

Volume 32 - Number 3

October 2020 - In this issue: Two memorable anniversaries for 2020; Thoughts about The Shanachie & the Ethnic Heritage Center; Black man was industrial leader in New Haven; Women's Hall of Fame will honor suffragist Catherine Flanagan; Chaplain from Waterbury gave his life to save Navy comrades; U.S. sailors among first victims of 1918 pandemic in Ireland; Kathleen Lynn - Rebel & physician ... [ more ]

Volume 32 - Number 2

June 2020 - In this issue: The 1918 Influeza Pandemic; Think what it must have been like in 1918; War-weary world beset by even more deadly illness; Military camps were breeding places of influenza; Connecticut toll; Plague entered state through seaport of New London; Hopelessly in the grip; School becomes hospital; Shortage of coal, cars, phone operators ... [ more ]

Volume 32 - Number 1

March 2020 - In this issue: Tolland County - Many Irish footprints then & now; Irish roots deep and plentiful in Tolland County; Scots-Irish were founders of the town of Union; Irish studies programs blossom on UConn campuses; Dodd Research Center focuses on human rights; Rockville is home of extraordinary Civil War museum; From Ireland to Connecticut to Pennsylvania by 1900 ... [ more ]

Volume 31 - Number 3

December 2019 - In this issue: CTIAHS launches Heritage Trail website; Irish footprints abound from one end of Connecticut to the other; Irish firsts in state history; Scots-Irish colony blossomed in the 1720s; Puritan settlers were suspicious of Ulster Presbyterians; Early victory for women's rights; Gov. Dempsey's legacy - Irish-born governor flourished in the 1960s ... [ more ]

Volume 31 - Number 2

June 2019 - In this issue: Connecticut and the Irish Great Hunger of 1845-1850; Puritan humanitarian & priest aided Connecticut relief effort; Tidal wave of emigrants fled to Land of Steady Habits; Irish provided manpower for state's industrial revolution; Irish women in demand as domestic servants; Refugees brought Catholic faith with them; Families shattered in headlong flight from starvation ... [ more ]

Volume 31 - Number 1

March 2019 - In this issue: The future of the Great Hunger Museum, a challenge to a university and to Connecticut's Irish; A tale of two cities, New Haven puritans invited to colonize Galway ... [ more ]

Volume 30 - Number 4

November 2018 - In this issue: Connecticut’s Irish in World War I;  Hartford Red Cross nurse served amid bombardments; State library has large collection of World War I records; Sgt. Stubby and Cpl. Conroy went off to war; With roots in Canada, Lafferty got into the fight early;  Picketing White House in wartime: patriotic or treason?; Ansonia native among nation’s first female sailors; Medals and monument honor Fair Haven Irish lads; Daring young men in their flying machines; K. of C. offered soup and solace for friend and foe alike; Sailor from Roscommon wrote poetry aboard destroyer; Windsor Locks physician cited for extraordinary valor; Manchester native skilled with both scalpel and pen; Kilted Hartford warrior died at Amiens; Doctor aided reconstruction in Serbia, Albania; Driving a Cadillac 8; Joy and sorrow mingled when armistice ended the killing; Sgt. Thomas Donovan buried in Belgium on Armistice Day ... [ more ]

Volume 30 - Number 3

September 2018 - In this issue: With cutting torches and arc welders Coventry sculptor created rich legacy of artwork; Hayes family excelled on gridiron and in world of art Son’s sacrifice in Civil War provided pension for widowed mother; Clare man was a legend on the Connecticut River ... [ more ]

Volume 30 - Number 2

June 2018 - In this issue: Meriden: A Connecticut Irishtown; In 1836, Paddies laid rail tracks to future industrial city; Irish population multiplied as Meriden factories prospered; Meriden’s support for Ireland’s freedom; Republican & Democrat made great team in U.S. Senate; Mother’s love of books inspired dePaola; Irish customs live on; Anna Murphy Gibson became cemetery caretaker; Meriden was an all-star Irish baseball community; Joan Joyce led Meriden Falcons to four world titles; Immigrants remembered their heritage in community activities ... [ more ]

Volume 30 - Number 1

March 2018 - In this issue: Irish Yale professor led 10-year fight that saved Sleeping Giant; Shopkeeper excels at reunions; Connecticut Irishtown: Hamden; Lucky Ewe gift shop: A little bit of Ireland in downtown Hamden; Toumey forged plan to stop quarrying of ‘majestic landmark’; Many Hamden Irish served in the Great War ... [ more ]

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