The Shanachie

For many years the Shanachie was a printed quarterly publication of the Connecticut Irish-American Historical Society.

The Shanachie, which means "storyteller" in Irish, contained articles about the history of Connecticut's Irish, genealogical ideas and tips, and notices of the Society's activities.

While the Shanachie is no longer being published, past issues are available on Sacred Heart University's Digital Commons.

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Volume 33 - Number 3

September 2021 - In this issue: Theater presents musical on career of ace softball pitcher; The railroad era and an Irish family; Lyons family immigrated to Connecticut by way of Quebec; Plumber with Leitrim roots linked to New Haven Fenians; Collection of Irish railroad wife's writings preserved at UConn ... [ more ]

Volume 33 - Number 2

March 2021 - In this issue: Pandemic squelches parades, but spirit of St. Patrick lives on; Hartford — First church bought in 1829, St. Patrick's built in 1849; Enfield - Irish priests, nuns and laypersons; Litchfield County - St. Patrick's, St. Bridget's, St. Columcille's; New London County - St. Patrick's Cathedral; Mystic - High Street became Irish Hill; Fairfield County - St. Augustine and St. Patrick team up; The little church on the Redding Ridge since 1880; Hartford County - Collinsville began with a snowstorm; Middlesex County - St. Patrick and St. Bridget of Kildare; Farmington - St. Patrick's parish prepares for a second century; Oldest St. Patrick's church in New England ... [ more ]

Volume 33 - Number 1

January 2021 - In this issue: Irish wolfhounds among New England’s earliest settlers; Please join us for yet another year of Irish history and culture; An Irish actor, his playwright son and a Connecticut landmark; Civil rights champion for Cape Cod Indians … [ more ]

Volume 32 - Number 4

December 2020 - In this issue: A tale of two Thanksgivings; Irish Christmas; Tales of Thanksgivings in Plymouth and in Bridgeport; Christmas on a farm in Ireland in the 1940s; Family of 13 immigrated at holiday time; Irish recipes from a Belfast grandmother; Irish Santa Claus spread cheer for 40 years; Memories of a Christmas spent in occupied Germany ... [ more ]

Volume 32 - Number 3

October 2020 - In this issue: Two memorable anniversaries for 2020; Thoughts about The Shanachie & the Ethnic Heritage Center; Black man was industrial leader in New Haven; Women's Hall of Fame will honor suffragist Catherine Flanagan; Chaplain from Waterbury gave his life to save Navy comrades; U.S. sailors among first victims of 1918 pandemic in Ireland; Kathleen Lynn - Rebel & physician ... [ more ]

Volume 32 - Number 2

June 2020 - In this issue: The 1918 Influeza Pandemic; Think what it must have been like in 1918; War-weary world beset by even more deadly illness; Military camps were breeding places of influenza; Connecticut toll; Plague entered state through seaport of New London; Hopelessly in the grip; School becomes hospital; Shortage of coal, cars, phone operators ... [ more ]

Volume 32 - Number 1

March 2020 - In this issue: Tolland County - Many Irish footprints then & now; Irish roots deep and plentiful in Tolland County; Scots-Irish were founders of the town of Union; Irish studies programs blossom on UConn campuses; Dodd Research Center focuses on human rights; Rockville is home of extraordinary Civil War museum; From Ireland to Connecticut to Pennsylvania by 1900 ... [ more ]

Volume 31 - Number 3

December 2019 - In this issue: CTIAHS launches Heritage Trail website; Irish footprints abound from one end of Connecticut to the other; Irish firsts in state history; Scots-Irish colony blossomed in the 1720s; Puritan settlers were suspicious of Ulster Presbyterians; Early victory for women's rights; Gov. Dempsey's legacy - Irish-born governor flourished in the 1960s ... [ more ]

Volume 31 - Number 2

June 2019 - In this issue: Connecticut and the Irish Great Hunger of 1845-1850; Puritan humanitarian & priest aided Connecticut relief effort; Tidal wave of emigrants fled to Land of Steady Habits; Irish provided manpower for state's industrial revolution; Irish women in demand as domestic servants; Refugees brought Catholic faith with them; Families shattered in headlong flight from starvation ... [ more ]

Volume 31 - Number 1

March 2019 - In this issue: The future of the Great Hunger Museum, a challenge to a university and to Connecticut's Irish; A tale of two cities, New Haven puritans invited to colonize Galway ... [ more ]

Volume 30 - Number 4

November 2018 - In this issue: Connecticut’s Irish in World War I;  Hartford Red Cross nurse served amid bombardments; State library has large collection of World War I records; Sgt. Stubby and Cpl. Conroy went off to war; With roots in Canada, Lafferty got into the fight early;  Picketing White House in wartime: patriotic or treason?; Ansonia native among nation’s first female sailors; Medals and monument honor Fair Haven Irish lads; Daring young men in their flying machines; K. of C. offered soup and solace for friend and foe alike; Sailor from Roscommon wrote poetry aboard destroyer; Windsor Locks physician cited for extraordinary valor; Manchester native skilled with both scalpel and pen; Kilted Hartford warrior died at Amiens; Doctor aided reconstruction in Serbia, Albania; Driving a Cadillac 8; Joy and sorrow mingled when armistice ended the killing; Sgt. Thomas Donovan buried in Belgium on Armistice Day ... [ more ]

Volume 30 - Number 3

September 2018 - In this issue: With cutting torches and arc welders Coventry sculptor created rich legacy of artwork; Hayes family excelled on gridiron and in world of art Son’s sacrifice in Civil War provided pension for widowed mother; Clare man was a legend on the Connecticut River ... [ more ]

Volume 30 - Number 2

June 2018 - In this issue: Meriden: A Connecticut Irishtown; In 1836, Paddies laid rail tracks to future industrial city; Irish population multiplied as Meriden factories prospered; Meriden’s support for Ireland’s freedom; Republican & Democrat made great team in U.S. Senate; Mother’s love of books inspired dePaola; Irish customs live on; Anna Murphy Gibson became cemetery caretaker; Meriden was an all-star Irish baseball community; Joan Joyce led Meriden Falcons to four world titles; Immigrants remembered their heritage in community activities ... [ more ]

Volume 30 - Number 1

March 2018 - In this issue: Irish Yale professor led 10-year fight that saved Sleeping Giant; Shopkeeper excels at reunions; Connecticut Irishtown: Hamden; Lucky Ewe gift shop: A little bit of Ireland in downtown Hamden; Toumey forged plan to stop quarrying of ‘majestic landmark’; Many Hamden Irish served in the Great War ... [ more ]

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