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Founded in 1988, the Connecticut Irish-American Historical Society has more than 300 members. Through a varied program of activities, we seek to collect, share and pass along to others the rich, 350 year history and heritage of the Irish people of Connecticut ... [ more ]

Latest News and Events

Latest Issue of The Shanachie - Volume 33 - Number 2

March 2021 - In this issue: Pandemic squelches parades, but spirit of St. Patrick lives on; Hartford — First church bought in 1829, St. Patrick's built in 1849; Enfield - Irish priests, nuns and laypersons; Litchfield County - St. Patrick's, St. Bridget's, St. Columcille's; New London County - St. Patrick's Cathedral; Mystic - High Street became Irish Hill; Fairfield County - St. Augustine and St. Patrick team up; The little church on the Redding Ridge since 1880; Hartford County - Collinsville began with a snowstorm; Middlesex County - St. Patrick and St. Bridget of Kildare; Farmington - St. Patrick's parish prepares for a second century; Oldest St. Patrick's church in New England ... [ more ]

CT Irish-American Historical Society Donates to Help Native Americans in Need

June 8, 2020 - When Ireland was deep in the throes of the Great Hunger, the cry of millions of starving people was heard across an ocean, by a Native American tribe recently displaced to Oklahoma. The selfless act of the Choctaw people is widely recognized: they came to aid of the Irish while their own suffering was still so raw.  Now that Native Americans are suffering greatly from the COVID-19, the Irish people are coming to their aid with donations to help alleviate their suffering. The Connecticut Irish-American Historical Society has joined this effort to help ... [ more ]

Great Hunger Museum in Hamden Needs Our Help!

January 2, 2020 - Today, Ireland's Great Hunger Museum is facing a crisis. Quinnipiac has decided that the museum must become financially independent by 2020 or it will be closed. Many Connecticut Irish clubs and groups are organizing fund-raising campaigns to ensure that this Irish institution will survive. We all can help by becoming dues-paying members of the museum ... [ more ]

CT Irish-American Historical Society Unveils Heritage Trail Website

June 22, 2019 - Hamden, CT -  Today the Connecticut Irish-American Historical Society unveiled a new website that celebrates the profound impact that Irish-Americans have had on Connecticut's past. The “Connecticut Irish-American Heritage Trail” (www.ctirishheritage.org) provides a moving history of the Irish Diaspora in Connecticut while encouraging visitors to explore over one hundred historical sites, events and organizations related to Connecticut’s Irish population and its rich history ... [ more ]

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