From a Land Beyond the Wave

Connecticut's Irish Rebels 1798-1916. By Neil Hogan and Patrick J. Mahoney. Forward by Cormac K.H. O'Malley.

American colonials, including those in Connecticut, and Irish colonials in Ireland strove for centuries to achieve their political independence from the same British Empire. The images of freedom seeking people in the American colonies were an inspiration to the Irish in Ireland during the late 18th century leading up to the Irish rebellion of 1798.

Distinguished American visitors went to Ireland and were well received by the parliamentarians of Gratton's Parliament and others at the time America continued to be a source of inspiration and a land of opportunity for those Irish idealists who encountered difficulties at home with the laws made in London. Many of them who were incarcerated by the English then immigrated to America in significant numbers during and after the Great Hunger years of 1845 through 1852.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, America, indeed Connecticut was a place to which Irishmen could come to raise funds for the support of their independence cause, especially leading up to 1916, as well as recruiting some actual fighters for that cause. The story of some of these Connecticut-based Irish and Irish American supporters of Irish freedom is told in this book, published by the Connecticut Irish American Historical Society.

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