Historical Publications

Connecticut's Irish in the Civil War

The Connecticut Irish-American Historical Society has published this 325 page book by noted local historian, Neil Hogan, complete with stories & pictures of the state's Irish from Bleeding Kansas to Fort Sumter, Vicksburg to Gettysburg, Andersonville to Appomattox ... [ more ]

From a Land Beyond the Wave

Connecticut's Irish Rebels 1798-1916. By Neil Hogan and Patrick J. Mahoney. Forward by Cormac K.H. O'Malley - American colonials, including those in Connecticut, and Irish colonials in Ireland strove for centuries to achieve their political independence from the same British Empire. The images of freedom seeking people in the American colonies were an inspiration to the Irish in Ireland during the late 18th century leading up to the Irish rebellion of 1798.  ... [ more ]

Early New Haven Irish and Their Final Resting Places

The Old Catholic and Saint Berard Cemeteries. The eventful history of these cemeteries and a listing of names and Irish origin of many of those buried there. By The Connecticut Irish-American Historical Society ... [ more ]

Cry of the Famishing

Ireland, Connecticut and the Potato Famine - by Neil Hogan. This is a comprehensive but easily read history of the consequences of draconian English rule on the Island of Ireland. [ more ]

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