Research Resources

U.S Research Resources – Focus on Connecticut

These include: Vital Records, Cemeteries, Census Data, City Directories, Newspapers, Immigration and Naturalization Records, Military Records, Missing Persons Records, Probate and Wills and Fraternal Organizations ... [ more ]

Irish Research Resources

As in the U.S., Irish records are kept at the local level by both civil and church authorities. You must exhaustively search all U.S. and family sources that you can in an effort to identify where in Ireland your ancestor came from. The piece of information that you are seeking is the townland where your ancestors lived ... [ more ]

Irish Administrative Divisions

A glossary outlining the geo-political and ecclesiastical land divisions in Ireland. [ more ]

Major Irish Record Collections

This document provides a list of helpful Irish record collections from 1708-1922 [ more ]

Online Resources

These online resources can be invaluable in your research ... [ more ]

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